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Hmmm there is nothing like an Ice cold beverage! Whether you throw some ice into your coke or add it to you summer time ice tea, it's the must have addition for a good drink.
Forget buying ice in those hefty bags or using these old school trays. You need an Ice maker. There are many different styles, brands and kinds to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect one for you!
There are a few major companies in the Ice making business. Cornelius, Scotsman, Manitowoc, Avanti and Hoshizaki are some of the largest producers of residential and commercial ice makers.
Each company specializes in different models. While each company is great they offer specialties in different areas. Cornelius has created some great technologies to reduce energy use. Avanti makes attractive ice makers for your home.

Best Brands:

Cornelius Ice Machines:

If you are looking for a commercial ice maker, look no further than Cornelius.1 They have been on the drink dispensing and cooling for 70 years. They make their products in plants all over the world.
One of their newest models is the Nordic ice maker and dispensers. These are the
best buy countertop ice makers. They use less energy by using harvest technology. It also causes the ice to be dryer when dispensed.
You can search through their catalog to see all of their Nordic products. They come in different sizes also. No matter what type of commercial business you own they are sure to have the perfect ice machine.

Scotsman Ice Machines:

Scotsman also specializes in commercial ice machine and makers. They make over 300 different types of ice machines. Scotsman has been at the forefront of ice machine innovation.
When designing ice machines they keep energy efficiency in mind. They also incorporate new technologies in their ice dispensers.
Two of their best ice makers are their Prodigy and the Nugget ice makers. When shopping for an ice maker keep in mind what you need for your business. Ice dispensers are great for your hotel.
If you want to make ice you can buy Scotsman Ice Cubers. They have undercounter models and modular models. The Prodigy C0322 is the quality cuber ice maker.

Manitowoc Ice Machines:

Manitowoc has been in the appliance business since the 1960's. Their specialty is making quality Ice machines with an even better look.
They came out with the Q Series that went above and beyond functionality and added style. Another new product line is their innovative S series. They also keep in mind the environment with each model.
You can buy a Flake ice machine or a cube ice machine from Manitowoc. They also make duel water and ice dispensers.
You can buy these from their catalog or you can find a used Manitowoc ice machines. Look on EBay for a Manitowoc ice dispenser. You can get a great ice machine for less money.

Hoshizaki Ice Shaver:

Hoshizaki make amazing kitchen appliances and machines for commercial businesses. The American company is based in Georgia. They are always striving to make best products for the consumer.
They make great Refrigerators and ice machines. The company was founded way back in 1947 in Japan. The American Branch was founded in 1981.
You can buy a Hoshizaki cubers, flakers, cubelets, bins and reach –ins. If you are looking for ice dispensers they make a variety of Hoshizaki commercial ice dispensers. They can produce cubes and cubelets.

Avanti Ice Machines:

Avanti makes a wide variety of appliances. They have been in business for about 30 years.1 They make unique appliances such as mini fridges and wine coolers. They also make wonderful ice makers.
Avanti has three main models of ice makers. The Avanti portable ice maker is a sleek smaller ice maker. The ice maker can make up to 30 pounds of ice in one day.
Avanti also makes a larger freestanding ice maker. It is easy to hook up and start enjoying fresh ice. It comes in a sleek stainless steel look also.
Look for Avanti and Scotsman ice machines on sale at EBay. You can buy a used Avanti there are a more affordable price. EBay is quick and easy to use.


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